Trust software to manage your invoicing

Since paper invoices are no more traditional way of sending invoices, invoicing software market is growing and developing. When some of my customers asked me to send them invoices by email I started to think of changing my way of invoicing.

I got used to invoicing program very fast. It is said that people fast get used to good thing. I would advise all business owners to change their way of invoicing from paper invoicing by postal mail to invoicing by email. You will notice how your costs will go down. You can invest saved money into your enterprise. I did exactly this way.

I think that mostly all invoicing programs are similar. The main difference is in appearance of the program. Of course there is software with different amount of features. My invoicing software is simple and has basic features. What I like in my program are activity list, invoice list and recurring invoices.

Maybe a lot of people do not need activity list at all, but I like to see all my actions. It is not very important thing, but still it makes me glad when I work with invoicing software. Invoice list contains very useful and important information. I see which invoices are paid, which are overdue, etc. It helps me to track my customers and their debts. After I started using invoicing software, the number of customers, who do not pay in time, became less. My invoicing program is warning me about invoices, which are going to be overdue soon. I will not tell you much about recurring invoices, because everyone already know about this feature and loves it. Of course recurring invoices is the feature that is not topical and necessary for everyone. But anyway it makes my everyday tasks easier.

Well, I hope that soon some more helpful software for business will be developed. I dream of extremely smart bookkeeping program or some online marketing manager-robot. You can say that I am lazy dreamer, but you will see soon that my dreams will come true!

23 Jul 2012