Rent a house in Thailand and go diving

You haven’t tried diving but it fascinates you very much… Me too! So let’s find out all about diving in Thailand and finally try it!

You can ask “why Thailand”? Of course there are plenty of places where you can dive. Underwater world in Thailand is wonderful and diversified and there are some spots with almost no stream. The last one is very important for beginners. You can already buy a ticket and rent a house in Thailand because until the end of the blog diving will be the most wishful goal for you.

Rent a house in Thailand’s best diving spots

First of all you should decide where exactly in Thailand to rest and dive.  A lot of island of Thailand provides diving opportunities. Let’s talk about some of them and about the opportunity to rent a house in Thailand.

Phi-Phi Islands are located in the south of Thailand near the large island of Phuket. Phi-Phi are limestone rock islands. The landscapes and underwater scenes are both very beautiful on Phi-Phi. These islands are popular because of their rich underwater world. You will dive into the world of leopard and whale sharks, turtles, rays, octopus, barracudas, morays, actiniae, molluscs, seahorses and other sea inhabitants. This place is popular between both experienced divers and beginners. A lot of different apartments are found on Phi-Phi Islands, so it won’t be a problem to rent a house in Thailand for your diving holidays.

Koh Tao means the island of turtles. This is the second popular place in the world after the Australian Cairns in issuing diving certificates. Koh Tao provides about 70 diving schools. It means that you will find the most appropriate school and price for you.

Almost every diving school in Thailand issues Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certificates. Your PADI certificate will be valid all over the world. After receiving you first diving certificate you can upgrade it to the next levels.

As you see diving opportunities in Thailand are perfect. You can easily rent a house in Thailand, choose diving spot and appropriate diving school and enjoy marvelous underworld of Thailand.

27 Feb 2012